Terms, Ordering and Sales Conditions

1. Booking and Ordering

Applies to orders made via our website, e-mail and messages. - When you order / book an activity or product from us, you accept our terms for ordering. The terms apply to all our activities and products, as well as activities arranged under our auspices.

2. Payment Terms

For day trips, the entire amount must be paid in full when booking. -In the case of offers and invoices, the order is only valid when the amount has been received, we reserve the right to cancel the order if the amount has not been received within the set payment deadline.

3. Cancellation and refund

All registrations and orders with us are binding. -Cancellations of kayak courses, including beginner and intro must be made within 16 days before course start for full refund. Cancellations less than 16 days before the activity oblige the customer to pay for the course in full. for all other activities: - Cancellation up to 15 days before the activity / rental period starts, the purchase price will be refunded in full. Cancellation up to 12 days before the activity / rental period starts, 50% of the purchase price minus handling fee 100, -
Cancellations less than 7 days before the activity / rental period starts are non-refundable. - If you are prevented from attending due to documentable illness, accident or the like. If the amount is refunded in full minus handling fee 100, - - If the activity is canceled due to weather, it will be refunded in full, or an offer of a new or alternative activity will be given on another date. - No show. If you do not show up at the agreed place and the agreed time will not be refunded. This also applies to shows you meet too late without a message that has been accepted by us. Note! (Covid-19, if an activity cannot be carried out as a result of national measures or we find ourselves forced to cancel it due to reasons related to Covid-19, the customer will receive a full refund).

4. Our right to cancel

This is unlikely, and we always strive to find a solution with the customer in these cases. In the event of cancellation following an incident on our part, a full refund of the amount paid will be given to us. - Cases we may have to cancel the activity on are: before few registered, non-attendance, illness or injury to guide / instructor and or non-delivery of our partners. - In case of force majeure, we reserve the right to cancel the activity without liability for damages - In case of cancellation, we are obliged to notify the customer as soon as possible.

5. Customer responsibility

The customer is obliged to familiarize themselves with our conditions, as well as read content and information about our activities and trips. - You are obliged to make sure that you have the prerequisites to participate in our trips. - You are obliged to inform about illnesses, health causes or ailments that may have preconditions for your own and others' safety on the trip. - The customer undertakes to follow our or the guide / instructor's instructions and recommendations. - in the event of failure to follow the above points, we reserve the right
to refuse participation or expel the customer from the activity. It is not refundable and the customer is obliged to pay the amount in full to the organizer in such a case. - The customer undertakes to compensate for damage or loss of equipment due to carelessness, damage due to natural wear and tear is not liable for damages.

6. Groups

Applies when registering 2 or more people, hence called groups. - Orders from here called the customer are obliged until everyone has familiarized themselves with our purchase and order terms. - The orderer undertakes that everyone in the group has received all info and information from us, via our website, e-mail or by phone. As well as sat down in it. - The customer is obliged to be financially responsible for the group in the event of damage or loss of equipment that is not due to natural wear and tear. - in the event of non-attendance of participants, the orderer is obliged to pay and pay for the group in its entirety, unless it has been notified with acceptance from us.

7. Insurance

Insurance for participants with us is not included. - We do not offer cancellation protection, travel or accident insurance for our trips. - The participant is responsible for and have an approved travel accident insurance when participating in our trips and activities. - We are not financially responsible for loss of value brought on our trips and activities. Note! A regular travel accident insurance usually covers participation in our activities, if you are unsure whether you are covered. Contact your insurance company. 8. Acceptance of risk we work systematically before minimizing risk and safety is a high priority on our trips and activities. When buying from us, the customer is familiar with the points below. - Participation in our trips and activities involves a certain form of risk. - We do not have financial obligations for accidents and injuries to participants, unless they are due to gross negligence on our part or the guide's / instructor's.

9. Rental of equipment

All the above conditions also apply to rental equipment with us. - All loss of equipment as well as damage to rented equipment even though it does not result from natural wear and tear is liable for compensation. - Both the customer and the landlord are responsible for inspecting the equipment before renting, to ensure that it has no defects and damage. In the event of damage, loss or defects, notification must be given as soon as this occurs or is discovered and to the landlord. - The landlord is not responsible for incidents such as injuries or accidents during the rental period. - The customer is responsible and obliged that all users of equipment rented from us have competence in the use of the equipment and skills for safe use of all equipment rented from us.

10. Complaints and Disputes

Complaints or deficiencies must be submitted immediately to us or the guide / instructor, otherwise you will not lose the right to complain. The complaint must otherwise be submitted in writing 10 days after returning home. - Any disputes are settled between the customer and See Vesterålen AS in the jurisdiction of local courts where See Vesterålen is located. Otherwise, reference is made to current laws and regulations in the Purchase Act.

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