About Us

See Vesterålen har  lang erfaring med opplevelser og aktiviteter i Vesterålen.

Our experience dates back to 2003 when the company was established as Vesterålen Paddle and Climbing School.

It was, as the name suggests, courses and trips in paddling and climbing that were in focus. Bent, who started the company, had a burning desire to share his experience with others, so that others could also feel this joy that mountains and sea had given him.

This is also the core of what we want to offer today. In 2020, we changed our company name to See Vesterålen and it was clear that the next generation would continue this work based on all the experience and knowledge that had been gained.

Kristoffer Karlsen

You meet Kristoffer when it comes to skiing. He comes from a nature enjoying family and has actively trawled the terrain in Vesterålen for exciting skiing experiences. He is the definition of well known in the local areas.

On a daily basis, he lives in Tromsø, where he has also managed to secure some first descents that are quite impressive in such a popular area.

He also has a long career as an avalanche observer for Varsom. Varsom is a service delivered by the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE). Safety is therefore well taken care of when you are with Kristoffer on ski touring.

Øystein Underberget

Øystein er mannen med alle kajakkene. Det er ingen som vet riktig hvor mange kajakker han har, bare at han har egen henger med seg når han skal på tur og et naust som er helt fullt.

He has well over 30 years of experience as a paddler. There is hardly a single place left that Øystein has not explored in Vesterålen.

He is also a certified instructor from the Norwegian Paddle Association.

Karl-Christian Karlsen

Karl-Christian is the manager and organizer of the company. He was with his father on the mountains and in the kayak before he could walk. He was involved in climbing Reka already as a 12-year-old.

He took part in the activities of his father's company early on and has extensive experience with courses in kayaking and mountain climbing.

Karl-Christian is the activity manager and has experience as an observer for avalanche warning under the auspices of the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE).

If you do not get hold of him in the winter, he is probably skiing and hiking in Vesterålen.